RSS preview <![CDATA[Changeover winter time]]> 22.10.2018 <![CDATA[Strike in Italy October 25-26, 2018]]> 22.10.2018 <![CDATA[Cancellation of TILO S10 and S40 connections between Chiasso and Como on October 21, 2018 ]]> 15.10.2018 <![CDATA[TILO S20 and S10 connections replaced by bus between Locarno and Bellinzona during the nights from Sunday to Monday between October 21 and November 11, 2018 ]]> 15.10.2018 <![CDATA[Cancellation of TILO RE10 and S10 connections between Bellinzona and Lugano from October 15, to December 8, 2018 ]]> 08.10.2018 <![CDATA[TILO S20 night connection replaced by bus between Bellinzona and Biasca during the Sunday/Monday nights of September 30/ October 1st, October 7/8 and 14/15, 2018]]> 24.09.2018 <![CDATA[Some TILO S30 connections replaced by bus Monday to Saturday between Cadenazzo and Luino from October 1st, to December 24, 2018 and from January 1st, to April 16, 2019]]> 24.09.2018 <![CDATA[With TILO to the Valascia]]> 17.09.2018 <![CDATA[Il Galatilo, the art of good travel]]> 10.09.2018 <![CDATA[TILO S20 connections replaced by bus between Cadenazzo and Locarno during the nights between September 9 and September 14 and between September 16 and September 21, 2018]]> 03.09.2018 <![CDATA[Important timetable changes for TILO RE10, S10 and S40 lines]]> 13.08.2018 <![CDATA[S40 line extended to Malpensa Airport]]> 22.05.2018 <![CDATA[Stop on request from the 5th of March ]]> 19.02.2018 <![CDATA[Touristic offer Ticino Ticket]]> 02.01.2018 <![CDATA[New border crossing tickets and travelcards]]> 12.12.2017 <![CDATA[A construction site is the beginning of the future. ]]> 10.12.2017