Timetable changes 2018

From the 10. December 2017.

With the timetable change of 10 December 2017 there will be important news for the regional traffic in the Ticino. In particular, the services on the lines S40 / S50 will be extended.

Extension TILO lines S40 and S50
As by press release from Canton Ticino and Regione Lombardia, the new services on the S40 and S50 lines will start as follows:

  • From 10. December 2017 the S40 will be extended to Como and Albate-Camerlata and the S50 will be extended hourly from Mendrisio to Lugano and Bellinzona.
  • From 7. January 2018 with the start of the new railway between Stabio and Varese, the S50 line will be extended from Stabio to Varese. It will travel from Monday to Saturday between 5.30 and 20.30 between Varese - Mendrisio - Bellinzona. With only 49 minutes travelling time from Varese to Lugano, this new connection will be very interesting for commuters. The line S40 with departure from Albate-Camerlata will also be extended from Mendrisio to Varese. Every day, this line travels every hour from 5.00 to midnight from Como to Varese in just 41 minutes.

From June 2018, the S40 line will be extended further to Malpensa Airport and will serve both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. These connections will operate every two hours, replacing the S30 line between Gallarate and Malpensa Terminal 2. Thus the Malpensa airport will be accessible every two hours without change from Como / Chiasso / Mendrisio, and with one change from Lugano / Bellinzona

Thanks to these new connections, you can travel between Mendrisio and Varese every 30 minutes from 05.00 to 20.00.

New exchange node Mendrisio
A new system will make it possible to travel through the triangle Lugano - Varese – Como every 30 minutes, without changing or with one change in Mendrisio. The timetable was harmonized with the bus system of the Mendrisiotto to build up a functional public transport network.

The S10 connections Bellinzona - Mendrisio - Albate-Camerlata in direction north-south with departure from Bellinzona in the minute .02 will travel with two vehicles which are then separated in Mendrisio. The front vehicle will continue as S10 to Albate-Camerlata; the rear vehicle will continue as S50 to Varese. The passengers are informed by announcements on the platform and on the train. In Mendrisio you can change between the two trains, if necessary. In the south-north direction, the S10 and S50 trains will be connected in Mendrisio and will continue as a single vehicle to Bellinzona.

In Mendrisio the change from the S40 line Como - Varese to the S10 line in direction north is also possible.

Changes on the S30 line
The line will be reopened in December 2017 and the trains will travel again from Cadenazzo to Malpensa Airoport. Until April 28, 2018 there will be still restrictions due to construction work on the line: from Monday to Saturday between 9:00 and 17:00 the connection between Cadenazzo and Luino will be replaced with buses. From June 2018 the S30 connections will end in Gallarate. The travelers who want to get to Malpensa Airport can use the new S40 line.

From May 2 to October 31, 2018, the special connection for the Luino market will be reintroduced.

More changes:

  • The stop Lugano-Paradiso will be re-opened. The completion of the construction work will partly limit access to the platforms.
  • The RE connections between Bellinzona and Erstfeld will stop in all directions every hour in Bodio.
  • New RE connection between Chiasso and Milano-Centrale with departure from Chiasso at 14.07.
  • New RE connection between Milano-Centrale and Lugano with departure from Milano Centrale at 21.10.
  • Various other RE connections from Milano-Centrale will continue as RE and stop only in Mendrisio until Lugano.
  • The S20 connection with departure in Locarno at 23.35 will end in Biasca, where the passengers can connect with the bus line 191 to Faido and Airolo.

Railway system affected by various construction sites
This year too, the TILO network will be affected by various construction works. The most important works were taken into account during the timetable setup.

Here, we refer to smaller construction works tha will influence the 2018 timetable:

  • Commissioning of the new security system in Giubiasco: suppression of some TILO trains in the evening and total closure of the line in some weekend will be necessary.
  • Doubling of the line on the Ponte Ticino-Ponte Verzasca: to strengthen the line between Cadenazzo Locarno some interruptions on the S20 line will be needed, especially in the evening and in the weekend.
  • Lugano railway station: construction work on the extension of the platform 1 will lead to a limitation of the available tracks.
  • Chiasso station: the renovation work of the platforms could influence the train traffic.

Passengers will be informed on time in case of disruption on the TILO Lines.

We advise all travelers to check the departure times of their connections as small time changes are possible on all lines.

More information on the timetable change (LINK)
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2018 timetable (PDF)
Orario Ferrovia Regionale TILO 2018
(Until 06.01.2018, all S40 and S50 connections will only travel to Stabio)
Orario TILO Milano-Lugano-Bellinzona 2018
rario TILO Varese-Como / Varese-Lugano 2018

2018 maps (PDF)
TILO services overview 2018
TILO lines overview 2018