Rental cars


As part of the Click&Drive service, Mobility has around 1,100 rental cars ready to use across more than 390 SBB railway stations. You can reserve a Click&Drive rental car online at any time and pay with your credit card. Cars can be hired for periods of three hours or longer.

The first time you use the Click&Drive service, you must register at one of the 75 SBB railway stations. First, reserve your preferred car online and pay by credit card. Then, bring your booking confirmation, the user agreement and your original driving licence to a counter at one of the 75 largest SBB railway stations. At the SBB counter, you will receive your Mobility card and the keys to your rental car, which will be parked at the station. Next time you use the service you can simply book online, pay by credit card and open the door of your rental car using the Mobility card.

The station where you collect your Mobility card does not have to be the same as the one where you pick up your reserved car. All 75 largest SBB railway stations can issue Mobility cards for all types of reservation.