Disabled passengers

We are here to help passengers with disabilities at all times

Passengers with disabilities can contact the SBB Call Center Handicap for help with getting on and off trains at stations in Ticino. Please notify us of your journey at least one hour before departure. This is a free service for passengers in wheelchairs, those with limited mobility, blind, partially sighted and hearing impaired passengers and passengers with intellectual disabilities.

The routes operated by TILO in Ticino use Flirt trains almost exclusively. These trains are particularly suited to people with disabilities, older passengers and parents with pushchairs. They feature a footboard at floor height, allowing passengers in wheelchairs to get on and off easily without having to navigate steps. However, please be aware that disabled passengers can only board Flirt trains unassisted if the station platform is type “P 55” (the same height as the train floor). The stations on lines in Ticino that have this platform type are: Bellinzona, Lamone-Cadempino, Cadenazzo, Capolago-Riva S. Vitale, Gordola, Lamone, Locarno, Lugano, Mendrisio S. Martino, Mendrisio, Stabio and Tenero. The largest stations in Ticino are also equipped with Mobilifts, enabling disabled passengers to get on and off trains with the help of station staff. This service is free and can only be guaranteed if it is requested in advance from the SBB Call Center Handicap.

SBB Call Center Handicap
From Switzerland: 0800 007 102 (free from 6.00 to 22.00)
From abroad: +41 512 257 844

In Lombardy, assistance is guaranteed for passengers with disabilities both at the station and on Trenord trains. This also applies to TILO regional trains once they have crossed the border into Italy. Platforms in Italy are not type “P 55”; this means that they are not the same height as the TILO Flirt footboards. Therefore, disabled passengers are not able to travel unassisted here.

Passengers with disabilities or limited mobility should provide notice of their requirements at least 48 hours before their Trenord train is due to depart in order to ensure that the level of assistance required can be provided. If this is not done, Trenord will nonetheless do its best to provide the necessary assistance. In exceptional cases, which Trenord reserves the right to review, access to transport may also be possible without prior notice if the station and train staff are informed immediately. To book a journey, please get in touch with the Contact Center Trenord.

Contact Center Trenord
From Italy: 800 210 955 (from 8.15 to 19.45)
From Italy and abroad: +39 02 72 49 49 49 (Monday to Sunday from 5.00 to 1.00).
For all information regarding the service: disabili@trenord.it (from Monday to Friday)