S40 Stabio–Mendrisio


The S40 line connects Stabio and Mendrisio. This service, togheter with the S50 service, operates approximately every 30 minutes over the whole day from monday to saturday. Good connections in Mendrisio are guaranteed, in a northerly direction (Lugano/Bellinzona) and in a southerly direction (Chiasso/Como/Milano).

The line S40 will continue the original route to Albate-Camerlata with the complete opening of the Ferrovia Mendrisio-Varese.

The opening of the lines S40/S50 is the first step towards the Ferrovia Mendrisio-Varese being fully operational. Once work is complete on the Italian side, the FMV will connect Varese with Ticino’s major cities, as well as creating a direct link between Lugano and Milano Malpensa Airport, Como and Varese.

For more information on the TILO line S40, you can download the TILO timetable 2017 or the Timetable Stabio-Mendrisio 2017. You can also consult the SBB online timetable.