S10/RE10, S20, S30, S40, S50

TILO trains provide efficient connections between major destinations in the canton Ticino as well as with Milan and Milan-Malpensa Airport.
S10: Bellinzona – Lugano – Chiasso (- Como - Albate-C./ - Milano)
RE10: Erstfeld – Airolo – Biasca – Bellinzona – Lugano – (Chiasso – Milano)
S20: Biasca - Castione-A. – Bellinzona - Locarno
S30: (Bellinzona-) Cadenazzo-Luino (-Malpensa Aeroporto)
S40: Stabio-Mendrisio
S50: Stabio-Mendrisio (-Bellinzona)

TILO’s objective has always been to provide a service that crosses borders and to constantly expand this service. Through ongoing projects, TILO is continuing to increase its number of destinations while reducing journey times, allowing it to meet passenger needs as efficiently as possible.