Mendrisio-Varese (-Malpensa) railroad

A new border-crossing railline

The Mendrisio – Varese (-Malpensa) railroad is an international line that will connect the Ticino’s major cities to the Lombardy. Once the work is complete the line will be 17.7 Km long (6.5 on Swiss territory, 11.2 on Italian territory) and will connect Bellinzona, Lugano, Chiasso, Como and Varese. It is a very important work for TILO and the Insubria region.

Several works are in the process of, and have already been built for this line, for example the new platform in Mendrisio, a new bridge over the river Laveggio, the new stations of Stabio, Gaggiolo, Induno-Olona and Arcisate, all of them with P+R parking spaces, the tunnel between Induno and Varese.

The first idea of a railroad between Mendrisio and Varese via Stabio originated  in the late 80’s. In the 90’s several investigations were conducted on technical feasibility, demand analysis, financing. The first project, commissioned by Canton Ticino, Federal Office of Transport, SBB and Italian Railways, comes into being in 2004. In 2008 the works begin and in 2014 the swiss part of the line is activated. The Italian part of the line will be finished in December 2017.

When the line will be complete, TILO will serve a catchment area of more than half a million people, connecting Bellinzona and Lugano to Varese and Como to Varese trough Mendrisio. Two complete new rail lines will operate: the S40 connects Varese to Como/Albate; the S50 connects Malpensa/Varese to Bellinzona/Castione.